Fixed Price Labour Repairs – only £85*
Boiler/heating repairs and plumbing repairs need not be costly seeing as in most cases the repair doesn’t take long and very often only minimal parts are required if at all. It’s bad enough paying a call out fee but when you then get charged an hourly rate for labour on top. We are able to offer a fixed price to our labour cost with only the price of any parts (if required) to add. That’s no call out & no hourly rate to worry about which = peace of mind!

Boiler Service / Annual Safety & Maintenance Check – only £45
It’s easy to forget that your boiler needs an annual service, to be checked for maintenance, safety & operation. We do this by using the latest technology to measure the flue emissions.
We are promoting this by offering a service to any make or model** for just £45. The offer is open between April & September & we can also remind you next year when the service is due.

Terms & conditions:
* Must be within 15miles of Chester. The repair must not exceed a projected length of 3hr to complete. If this is the case we will inform you before any work is undertaken.
**Must be within 15miles of Chester. Appliance must be in working condition & installed to current standards. Not oil boilers. A handful of boilers (less than 0.5%) require specialist parts as part of the service at extra cost, we will advise you if your boiler falls into this category.